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Nearly a mom

After coming back from Rio in May, and after a few weeks of feeling under the weather, hubs suggested for me to take a pregnancy test. Surprise surprise!  We're 5 weeks pregnant! We were elated and excited, happy, over the moon, all emotions rolled into one!  We went our family GP for further tests and it was confirmed I was pregnant.  Syukran.... Syukran.......  I was still feeling very tired, I guess it's normal.  Especially I am not a young mom at 40yrs old. 

Being a total geek, I downloaded numerous apps on pregnancy in my android phone.  Read lots of online articles.  Started folic acid intake.  No pineapple, no carrying of heavy things.  I did everything right.  However, 2 weeks later, I started having spots.  We went back to the GP and apparently it's normal.  But we couldn't just sit still.  I decided to go for further tests.  What we discovered was, the sac inside was empty.  Only God knows how devastated I was upon hearing it but we know we needed to think po…

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